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Conference "Russia through the eyes of foreigners"

"Russia through the eyes of foreigners" is an annual conference organized by the Center of International Educational Programs of NSU. The program of the conference is divided in several sections:

1. Adaptation problems of life and studying in Russia.

2. The image of Russia abroad.

3. Difficulties in Russian language learning process.

4. Problems of distance learning in Russia.

Presentations are prepared by students from different countries who know Russian and have their own experience in studying or living in Russia.

Usually we invite speakers from Novosibirsk and nearby cities whose mentors are Russian teachers from their universities. In 2019 we had 22 foreign speakers from China, South Korea, Mongolia, India, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Pakistan. They represented 7 Novosibirsk universities including NSU. The two-day program included excursions around the university, campus and Akademgorodok.

Last year the conference was canceled due to the pandemic. For now it is still not possible to organize it in usual manner so it will be held online. This opens new perspectives such as participation for anyone interested from any part of the world.

Participation in the conference gives foreign students from different colleges and universities an opportunity to get acquainted with each other, use their knowledge of Russian in the field, share the experience of cross-cultural communication, have public speaking practice and talk about important topics.

Russian listeners will be interested in having a conversation with foreign speakers and learning about the image of Russia abroad, cultural differences, problems of adaptation in Russia .

To participate as a speaker or listener everyone should register on the conference page. Participation is free.