Foreign citizens can enter NSU and choose from a variety
of bachelor and master courses.

These courses might be taught in English or in Russian.

The procedure presented below explains how to apply
for a place on a undergraduate course taught in Russian
after completing pre-university courses at our Center.

Select a program
Study the full list of bachelor programs which are taught in Russian. Familiarize yourself with the course descriptions and select the programs you are interested in. You can apply for 5 specialties simultaneously in order to increase your chances of admission.

Foreign citizens can apply for paid tuition. There is a fixed number of fee-based places available on each course. To be enrolled in NSU you need to succed in the competition for these places.

NSU has a number of scholarship programs available for foreign students. Thus, it is possible to apply for admission on the Rossotrudnichestvo website using the RF government quota. To learn more about this option, you need to consult a member of staff at the office of Rossotrudnichestvo or at the Russian Embassy in your country of origin.
Check the list of necessary exams
To be admitted for an undergraduate course at NSU, each candidate has to pass 3 entrance exams. If two subjects in the list of exams are written with a slash (e.g. "physics / chemistry"), you are free to choose the exam you wish to take.
If you are planning to apply for several specialties with a different set of entrance exams, you can take more than 3 exams. A successful candidate will have scored a required amount of points for three entrance exams. The higher is your score, the more chances you have of being offered a place on the course.
Exams for foreign applicants are exactly the same in content and format as exams taken by Russian candidates. They are conducted in a written form in Russian. Therefore, they present a serious challenge and require thorough preparation.
Application procedure
The list of required documents includes:
Application for admission
Consent to the processing of personal data
• Your passport and its copy translated into Russian. The translated copy must be certified by a notary.
• School certificate (high school graduation document and supplement with your grades). They also need to be translated into Russian and certified by a notary.
• 6 photos of 3x4cm size

Admission for foreign citizens opens on March 1 and closes on July 10.
If you are based in Novosibirsk, you may choose to submit your documents in person at Pirogova Street, 1 (office 2417).
Working hours of the admissions committee are:
Monday-Thursday 08:30-17:45; Friday 08:30-16:30; Lunch 13:00-14:00.
Phone: +7 (383) 363-40-37; e-mail:

Candidates can apply online starting from June 20, 2021. In order to apply, it is necessary to create a personal account on the applicant's web page and upload your documents. There is a video tutorial about managing your personal account available on YouTube for your convenience.

! School certificates of certain countries have to be legalized. For this purpose, they must be submitted to the International Department of NSU. When sent online, they undergo this procedure automatically. If you submit your documents in person, you are to contact the NSU International Relations Department first.

    Take your admissions tests
    Entrance tests are usually held from 11 to 25 July. The schedule of exams and consultations is usually posted on the NSU website after June, 1st.
    You can sit your admissions exams in person or online, the latter option presupposing the proctoring procedure. To prepare for online exams, we advise that you read the instructions prior to taking a test.
    There are model assignments in various subjects available to help you in your preparation for exams.
    In order for your application to be considered for the selection procedure, you need to score at least the required minimum for each subject. If you score less than the minimum number of points in at least one of the subjects, you will not be able to participate in the academic competition for the chosen field of study.
    To find out more about the passing grade for each department, you can search our website for the admission criteria for previous years at various faculties.
    A passing grade is the minimum total score of the tests in three subjects which was sufficient for being admitted to the University in previous years. As a rule, the passing grade increases every year, so your score should exceed the required scores of your predecessors. In order to avoid confusion, you will need to focus on the passing grades for fee-based places.
    Confirm your admission
    The results of your admission procedure will be updated in the list of applicants. If you have scored a sufficient number of points, you will need to present the originals of your personal documents at the admissions office and sign the consent for admission by August 10.
    Sign the contract and pay the tuition fee
    After that, you will need to contact your department and sign a student's contract. All the necessary contacts can be found on the NSU faculties and institutes page. After signing the contract, you will be required to pay for your course in accordance with the terms of your contract.
    After August 15, a Rector's order will be issued on the students' admission for the academic year 2021. If you have passed all stages of the admission procedure, you should see your name among the names of other successful candidates.
    After our pre-university course, you can apply to any university in Russia. You can submit your documents to 5 universities at the same time.
    In each of the selected universities you will need to take exams separately according to the terms of each university.
    Application deadlines and admission conditions may differ
    from one university to another.