Learning Russian online is a perfect alternative to any program we offer.

You can't come to Novosibirsk?
You don't have time for legal paperwork and travelling?
You want to try our courses online before coming to Russia?

No problem - choose any program
and check the box for online tuition form in your applicaton!

Educational materials
We provide our students with free electronic educational materials. Every group has its' folder on Google Drive with homework, records of the lessons and teachers' recommendations.
Communication with teachers and classmates
Teachers use social media to create chat-rooms for their students. It helps students to keep in touch with teachers and each other.
Lower tuition fee
Individual lessons online cost less then face-to-face classes. Plus you save money not spending it on visa, tickets and life in foreign country.
How are the classes organized?
The number of classes provided and their length are exactly as stated in the contract. Each class consists of 2 lessons with a break in between. The whole class session lasts for 180 minutes. Online classes cover all language aspects, i.e. speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as grammar and phonetics.

Our Center provides students with free electronic learning materials for classes and homework.

Course is taught via Skype. Our tutors use a variety of techniques and platforms suited for online education to maintain a high level of interest throughout the whole session. All lessons are recorded and uploaded for participants to be reapeted.

Though it is possible to watch the lessons in recording, it is still necessary to be present. If you have a cause to miss classes, please, try to gice notice to your teacher and CIEP administration. Remember that speaking practice is very important in process of learning languages. Don't through away an opportunity to have a face-time with your teachers and classmates and talk in Russian more.

If group consists of students who live in defferent time zones we adjust the schedule to be suitable for everyone. On our web-site you can always find an updated schedule.
What do you need to study online?
  1. Personal computer with working camera, dynamic and microphone.
  2. Stable Internet connection.
If you have both - welcome to the online education! Sure, you might also need a pen and a notebook. We want you not only to speak, but to write in Russian too.

Another thing needed is a Skype account. Please, name your account after yourself and in English so that we didn't got mixed up. Then send your login to our e-mail and your teacher will add you to the group.

Make your work area comfortable and quite. Set the camera and the mic so that you could be seen and heard clearly. Let's go!
How to study online efficiently?
Basing on our past experience in online teaching we have a number of recommendations for both teachers and students that would ensure maximum efficiency of our classes.

  • It is desirable to seat at the desk during the lesson (not lie on the sofa or walk around).
  • Try not to be late. It is better to be prepared for the lesson before it actually starts (turn on Skype, open your textbooks and homework, have a notebook and a pen nearby).
  • Inform your family members or roommates that your class will start shortly.
  • Keep video and sound switched on – it is easier to communicate this way.
  • Dress as if you are in class in the university - at least by half :)
  • Eating during the classes also makes communication difficult. You will have breaks between the lessons to eat.
  • Do your homework in time and by yourself. We are very keen to teach you Russian and hope that you are on the same page with us!