Additional expenses in Novosibirsk
In addition to your tuition, it is important not to overlook the following expenses:
  • 1500 rubles per month
    Learn more about NSU dormitory here.
  • 1550 rubles
    A transfer from airport or train station can be arranged if necessary.
  • 4500 rubles per year
    Medical insurance
    Medical insurance is mandatory for every international student coming to study at NSU. The price may vary depending on the study period.
  • 5000-5400 rubles
    Medical check-up and fingerprint examination
    On checking into the hostel, you will be requested to undergo medical examination. For foreigners who stay in Russia for more than 90 days, a fingerprint examination procedure is also required.
  • 130$
    Registration fee
    The fee includes advisory services on migration policy, visa support and the first visa extension. It is to be paid upon arrival.
  • 15000-18000 per month
    Pocket expenses
    Expenses for groceries, meals in a canteen or cafe, transport, household goods.
  • 20000-25000 rubles
    Winter clothes and shoes
    Novosibirsk has a fairly cold winter (there are frosts up to -35C), if you do not have warm clothes or shoes, then you need to buy it in Novosibirsk.
  • 1600 rubles
    Re-extension of a visa
    If you extend the course or stay for major education training, you will need to re-extend your visa.