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We invite everybody to our Russian Language Summer School - 2021

One of the most uncommon programs we organize is of Russian Language Summer School for foreign students. Its' uniqueness is concluded in extracurricular activities, such as free tea-breaks, where students can practice their Russian language skills with natives while having a cup of tea or coffee with pirozhki; and free cultural and intertaining events 2 - 3 times a week. We offer participation in a wide range of events: city-tours, excursions to the museums, walks, workshops, picnics.

Our volunteers can also organize movie-meetings to watch Russian movies or cartoons with subltites and game-meetings to play table-games and team games.

So if you are in Novosibirsk and you want to take the most of this summer - join us! This year the school starts on the 1st of June and ends on the 15th of August. You can join us anytime and stay for as long as you want. Read more about the course duration here. You can apply on the page with our programs  or on NSU web-site.

If you are not in Russia and can't come - we can always teach you online!

To contact us call +7 383 363 41 85 or send an e-mail on or come to our office 3271 on  1, Pirogova str.