CIEP news

New courses!

Now there are PRE-UNIVERSITY COURSES in NSU for foreign students!

They are developed for those foreign students who plan to pursue higher education degree in NSU or in other universities in Russia but have not yet reached the required level of proficiency in Russian.

Duration: 2, November – 2, July.
36 academic hours per week (1 academic hour = 45 minutes).
The courses include studying of Russian language (1ST semester) and core subjects (2nd semester).


CHEMISTRY AND BIOLOGY (Tuition Fee: 3000 $)
Subjects: Russian language, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics.
For those who wants to study Medicine or Natural Science.

ECONOMICS (Tuition Fee: 2500 $)
Subjects: Russian language, Mathematics, Social studies, Introduction to Economics.
For those who wants to study Economics.

Deadline for applications: 31, August.