CIEP news

Academis Year will start online

We are sadly annoncing that due to the pandemic we can't invite students from foreign countries. For that reason and for the safety of students who stayed here before the lockdown, the lessons will be held online.

An online course with CIEP is a good alternative to classroom language learning. The amount of hours given online corresponds to that specified in the student’s contract. Full attendance is expected in both cases, since live communication is commonly recognised as a very important factor in language studies. Our center provides the students with e-learning materials for class and homework.

For online learning, we use such platforms as Google Meet, Zoom or Skype. All classes are recorded to ensure the possibility of viewing the lessons later in case a student has not been able to attend the class or for revision purposes. However, it is recommended to attend all online classes due to their high practical value.

We will do our best to ensure your success at learning Russian from any part of the world with any resourses you have!