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Students from Kyoto finished the course "The world around and I"

Second year students form Kyoto University of Foreign Languages finished a short intensive online course in our Center.

The program of the course is called "The world around and I" ("Я и мир вокруг"). It includes four topics:
  • Nice to meet you! (Приятно познакомиться!)
  • My hobbies (Мои хобби)
  • Never too late to learn (Учиться никогда не поздно)
  • Spare time and Internet (Время и интернет)

The program was prepared and lectured by two of our teachers - Daria Nevostrueva and Anastasia Shishineva. The course lasted only two weeks, but students had 40 academic hours of language practice.

Some of them shared their thoughts on the course in our anonymous survey:

I think it was good for me to improve my speaking skill. Russian teachers are kind and friendly so it was easy to ask questions. If I have an opportunity like that next time, I wanna take part in a class again.

I think the class policy is very good. I didn’t boring because the teacher made it easy to understand while teaching us.

Это было очень весело. Спасибо.

Я была очень рада, что я могла много говорить по-русски. Темы были очень интересные.

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