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Language Support

If you are a foreigner who has just come to Akademgorodok to study at NSU and you're going to stay in Russia for some time, you'll definatelly need some knowledge of Russian. Even if you study in English. The thing is, that many Russians of elder generation, with whom you'll have to communicate anyway in your daily life in the streets, in the shop, on public transport and in the dormitory, don't speak English or other foreign languages. So, it comes in handy to learn some common phrases in Russian.

Taking our Language Support course, you'll also get an insight to Russian traditions and routines, and you'll be able to clear up or understand any cultural questions you might have about life in Russia.

To join our courses, please contact us and be ready to show us your schedule, so we could see right away where we can squeeze our Russian language lessons.

Our contacts:
tel. 363-41-85
address: 1, Pyrogova, office 3271, 3rd floor