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Results of the conference "Russia in the eyes of foreigners" - 2021

On the April, 29-30 we had our annual international student conference "Russia in the eyes of foreigners" in online form. 15 student form China, Mongolia, South Korea and UK gave their presentations and recieved electronic certificates for participation.

The program included 4 sections:
  1. Russian image abroad.
  2. Problems of distance learning in Russia.
  3. Problems of adaptation to student life in Russia.
  4. Problems of learning Russian.

Here are the results of the conference:
  • 1st place diploma went to Shin Sanggyun for the presantation of his report "The main psycological and organizational factors that influence the successfull learning of the Russian language";
  • 2nd place diploma went to Chown Sasha for the presantation of her report "How the translation of Russian literature in English influences Russian image in UK";
  • 3rd place diploma went to Gansuh Namiuunceceg for the presantation of her report "Problems of learning Russian caused by the influence of the Mongolian grammar on Russian speech".

Results of the online-voting for the Audience Choice
  • on the first day won Wang Yongjie;
  • on the second day won Wang Siwei.

Special certificates were graned to:
  • Ochgerel Zolgerel for artistic presantation;
  • Bevan Martha for the relevancy of her report's content;
  • Fudi Yang for the rigorous research;
  • Shen Bingbing for the well-structured report.

We also express our special gratitude to the organizing committee of the conference - Marina Nikolskaya, Daria Nevostrueva, Svetlana Shagaeva and Yuliya Shatrova; to all the teachers who prepared their students for participation; and to the judge committee.