CIEP news

Summer School - 2020 has ended

For the first time in history of our Center the Russian Language Summer School was held online.
The significance of our summer program is a very active schedule of events between classes. This time we had to adapt the program so that our teachers and students would stay safe and still could get the most of the learning process.

What resources did we use to make this summer as interesting as it used to be a year ago?
We used all our social media platforms (we have separate Summer School pages on Facebook, Vkontakte and Instagram). We posted information about online events similar to our offline Summer School events. Such as online excursions in different Russian museums, online work-shops on Russian traditional arts, online trips to the most beautiful parts of Siberia and links to the best Russian movies of the last 2 centuries with subtitles.

Also, our teachers prepared special posts with educational cards that you can save to your PC or phone. These cards explain interesting things in Russian and introduce students to the modern Russian vocabulary.

All these posts you can still find on our pages - it's never too late to learn more abour Russian language and culture!