If you study at NSU and reside in Russia from March to November, you need to take out a tick protection insurance.
What is a tick?
Ticks emerge from hibernation in March and remain active until late autumn. They live mainly in forests and tall grass, so you need to be very aware and careful during your stay in Akademgorodok as it is situated in a forest area. Ticks are minute in size and have a red back. Having bitten a person, the tick can carry on sucking their blood for several days. During this time, it increases in size and becomes more noticeable, and its colour changes to grey.
What can you do to avoid being bitten by a tick?
Before a bite, the tick can take some time to crawl all over the person's skin. Therefore, always check carefully your clothes, your skin and hair for ticks after having been outside. To prevent ticks from getting onto the skin, it is recommended to wear sport trousers with wide elastic bands or to tuck them into socks while in the forest. Also, it is advisable to wear lace-up shoes, a hat, and a long-sleeved shirt or jacket. Ticks are more easily seen on light-coloured clothing and you can also use an anti-tick spray for protection purposes. However, you should remain vigilant at all times while being outside or after having spent some in the open.

Ticks are often found on other animals, dogs etc. They do not pose a threat to them, but they can jump from an animal to a person. Therefore, pets are also to be checked after being taken for a walk and you are advised not to touch animals in the open air.
Why is it important to have insurance against a tick bite?
Ticks can carry and transmit diseases that are dangerous to human health and life. These diseases can be transferred to the human body as a result of a tick bite. If you have the insurance, in the event of a bite you will be entitled to a number of services free of charge. These include tick removal, treatment of the bite site with the necessary medicaments, preventive medication and a laboratory test of the tick. If the tick is found to be a carrier of a contagious disease, you will be informed about it and in case you develop the symptoms of an illness in question, the insurance policy will cover treatment and medication costs.
What to do if you are bitten by a tick?
If you detect a tick after it has already bitten you, under no circumstances should you try to remove it yourself. You are to seek qualified assistance for that and go to a medical center immediately. If you have taken out the insurance policy, you need to call the number stated in the document. If you are insured with Ingosstrakh, call 8 800 2003 911, which is a free number all over Russia. Further on, you will be advised as to the closest medical center you will need to contact.

The type of insurance policy you have taken out will determine the range of medical services provided by the medical center. Make sure that you have your passport and insurance with you when you go to the medical centre.

If you are at a loss about what to do, or you need help, another option would be calling the emergency telephone number of the NSU Foreign Student Support Department (
We recommend our students that they take out their tick-bite insurance online on the Ingosstrakh website, as they offer insurance for foreign citizens.

In order to arrange insurance policy online, follow our instructions.
Open the website and click on the "КУПИТЬ ОНЛАЙН" ("BUY ONLINE")

Calculate the insurance cost
Enter the name of the city (Новосибирск) and select the first item from the drop-down list.

In the column "Я ХОЧУ ПОЛУЧИТЬ" ("I WANT TO RECEIVE") you should select "ОРГАНИЗАЦИЮ МЕД.УСЛУГ" ("PROVISION OF MED. SERVICES"). This means that in case of a tick bite, you will be provided with a range of medical services and reimbursed the cost of treatment and hospitalization, should those be necessary.

What follows is the closest date from which the insurance begins to operate. You can move the date forward. The insurance is valid for 1 year and the expiry date is calculated automatically.

If you have completed the application correctly, you can then click on the "РАССЧИТАТЬ" ("CALCULATE") button.

The section "КОМПЕНСАЦИИ ПО СТРАХОВКЕ" ("INSURANCE REIMBURSEMENT") shows the amount of compensation which you will be entitled to in case you incur medical expenses.

The total cost of insurance is 350 rubles.

If you agree with the amount of compensation and the cost of insurance, click on the "ОФОРМИТЬ ОНЛАЙН" ("CONFIRM ONLINE") button.

Enter your personal data
In this section you will need to enter your personal information which will be used to issue an insurance policy. The data used must coincide with the documents which you will use to enter Russia, i.e. your foreign passport with a valid visa.

In the column "КАТЕГОРИЯ СТРАХОВАТЕЛЯ" ("INSURANCE CATEGORY") you need to select "НЕ РЕЗИДЕНТ" ("NON RESIDENT") since you are not a citizen of Russia.

In the "ФИО" ("FULL NAME") section you need to enter your name and surname in Russian in exactly the same way as they are spelt in your visa. Indicate your date of birth in the "ДАТА" ("DATE") section as well as your gender ("Муж." for male, "Жен." for female), your passport number ("НОМЕР" section) and your passport issue date ("ДАТА ВЫДАЧИ" section).

Below you need to indicate your registration address in Russia. You can find it in the registration form which all foreign citizens who are temporarily residing in Russia would have. The example pictures show the address of the dormitory 1A (Lyapunova str., 4).

First, enter the name of the city (Новосибирск) and select the first option from the drop-down list.

In the next field, enter the name of the street. If the name is entered correctly, it will appear in the drop-down list. In the "ДОМ" ("HOUSE") section indicate your house number. If you do not live in a hostel and rent an apartment, key in the apartment number ("КВАРТИРА").

After that, enter your contact information ("КОНТАКТНЫЕ ДАННЫЕ"). Your insurance will be sent to the e-mail address that you will provide ("ЭЛЕКТРОННАЯ ПОЧТА") and your telephone number ("НОМЕР ТЕЛЕФОНА") will be used should the need for that arise (e.g. in case you qualify for the insurance coverage).

Enroll in the insurance program
Check the box "ЯВЛЯЮСЬ ЗАСТРАХОВАННЫМ"("I am insured"). This means that you have filled in your data yourself.
Check the next box ("Даю согласие...") to give your consent to the processing of your personal data.
Click on the "ОФОРМИТЬ ОНЛАЙН" ("CONFIRM ONLINE") button.

Pay for the insurance
This is the last stage of insurance registration procedure. Double-check the data that you have entered. If you find an error, click on the "Изменить" ("Change") button and introduce the necessary corrections. You will see a draft version of your contract below.

If all the data is entered correctly, select the field "Оплатить картой (без комиссии)" ("Pay by card (no commission)") and click on the "ОПЛАТИТЬ 350 Р" ("PAY 350 RUB") button.

After that, you will be redirected to the payment page, where you will need to specify the details of the bank card which are going to be used for payment. After making the bank transfer, you will be able to download the insurance contract. The contract will also be automatically sent to your e-mail address.

Save the document to your phone so that it is always easily available.